Unplanned Supply Outage Increases Demand For Local Oil Production

Posted by | May 17, 2016 | News

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Last Friday, the dollar turned up victorious against many of its counterparts, primarily due to oil related commodities. Also according to other reports, the oil production in the USA fell by at least ten rigs, continuing the trend of never ending supply crisis that has been raging on since weeks. Things were actually brighter in terms of supply last year, although it turned out an overall disaster.

Since other countries have also been hit with a similar crisis, importing oil seems like a bad idea – considering the skyrocketing prices. This only leaves manufacturers and the industry as a whole with only one choice, and that is to bump up production internally.


Many industry analysts, who have monitored the situation for quite a while now predict that the whole global oil scenario is rather restructuring itself. But is it for the better or worse? That is yet to be seen and only time will tell. Oil and Gas Workers are long waiting a positive trend in oil and gas jobs.
Some of the countries and continents that have been hit are France and West Africa. But amid all the chaos, one major player seems to stand still, unaffected – Russia. Russia’s energy minister was of the opinion that there was no actual industry collapse on a global scale. The figures do prove that he’s right. He also predicted that the market will pretty much balance itself by the end of 2017, or in the first half of the year itself, if we’re lucky.


Meanwhile back in the USA, various investors are gearing up a major production overhaul. Many are of the opinion that production will speed up in a matter of weeks, since there isn’t any pipeline damage.


All things considered this has been an exciting time for oil investors, who are locking in profits as they please. The real good news, however, is that this demand would soon give rise to an increasing number of oil rig jobs in various facets of labor, production and engineering.


The wages too, are going to be at all time high as production companies are racing to ahead to arrange manpower to meet current demands. Another recent report claimed that by the end of 2016, the US coils very well be producing in excess of one million barrels per day – which is not bad at all considering the short span of time. Analysts from OilJobBoard.com say demand for workers is rising. Their site is packed with new jobs listings updated daily and hundreds of oil workers find their next job by browsing the OilJobsBoard.com openings inventory as we speak. Check some of the jobs here

In simple words, there wasn’t a better time to look for oil rig jobs!


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