U.S. Natural Gas Needs You! Don’t Miss The Gas & Oilfield Jobs Boom

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IMG_1071Yes, you.  For the first time since the Eisenhower administration, America’s exports of natural gas are due to outstrip her imports.  While her imports have fallen 40% since 2007, her exports have gone up an amazing 116%.  America will be chiefly an exporter of natural gas in less than a year’s time.  And that means she needs you, the natural gas worker, and will compensate you well for your services.


Back in 2005, no one expected a boom like this to take place.  But now, new United States export terminals are being built to handle the demand, which is not insignificant.  The first such export terminal is currently operating in Louisiana, and four more are already on the way.  And these terminals will play a huge part in America becoming a chief exporter of natural gas.  They’ll take the gas where it needs to go, to buyers overseas.


There are still a few market challenges to be overcome—such is the American way.  But out of the top nine companies in the S&P 500 this year, four of them are gas producers.  If that doesn’t say “confidence” on America’s part, nothing does.


So if you’re a natural gas worker, there is increased demand for you and your talents.  Check out gas opportunities now, while the demand is high and your salary will be too.


Let’s just say that natural gas isn’t your strong suit, however.  Maybe you’re more of an oil professional.  That’s an excellent profession to be in right now too.  If you’re an oil man (or woman) the market has welcome news for you as well.  U.S. gas prices have been climbing at the pump for two weeks in a row.  Where gas is high at the pump, it means demand is greater than supply.  Oil companies will need workers to get their supply back up, and that could mean you.

U.S. crude oil is hitting six-month highs, and the investors are noticing—WTI futures are at a six-month high as well.  Your skills are about to be back in demand.
Have a look at the actual offerings below:


Goldman Sachs has observed that after a long time of oversupply, oil is at a deficit again.  Supply interruption in Nigeria, Venezuela, and China are opening the way for the United States to fill the new demand…. and The Oilfield Jobs and Gas jobs are starting to catch up. Don’t Miss out this opportunity.


Exxon Mobil has had to stop exports from Qua Iboe, and sabotage has damaged the country’s output, bringing it down to 1.65 million barrels per day. Venezuela has lost at least 188,000 barrels per day as it struggles with major financial problems.  Lastly, China only produced 4.04 million barrels per day last month, down 5.6 percent since last year.


Combine all of that with the fact crude production in the United States has fallen to a mere 8.8 million barrels per day, and you will find that United States producers want very much to find a way to fill the gap in need.  In order to do that, they need qualified individuals like yourself, and lots of them.


So prepare to be employed, with good compensation.  Openings in your field are growing.

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