oil-gasCould job prospects in the oilfield be turning around? It’s not a matter of “if” …IT IS about to happen and there’s no stopping it. According to Job Office in Williston jobs in fracking and oil are on the rise finally! With Oil prices on the rebound, It’s the light at the end of the tunnel we’ve all been waiting for. Get your resumes out, get your work gear out, things are about to get crazy again.

Williston Job Service Office Says Jobs On The Rise For The First Time Since The Crash

According to job service officials in Williston, there are plenty of positions in the energy industry waiting to be filled. Cynthia Hill reports in tonight’s Eye on Energy.” Williston’s Job Service workers are seeing an increase in foot traffic. That’s because according to them, jobs in fracking and oil are on the rise.” Cindy Sanford says it’s not necessarily an answer to the oil industry’s lull. Instead, she says employers are looking for more experienced workers and they’re dishing out less layoffs. “… We are seeing a steady continuous steady growth, so it’s a good sign. We’re not seeing the layoffs, We might see one of too here and there which was not uncommon even when we were crazy busy. I think maybe lack of layoffs was probably a better sign.” She says truck driving is huge right now — so huge that they’re having a hard time filling those positions. She’s also seeing a trend that the higher level middle-management postings.

And that’s what employment workers like Cindy like to see. Jobs that allow families to come and work and live.

The industry is eager to get back to work. With the recent drop in oil prices things slowed down everywhere. It wasn’t just the oil companies that were hit, it was the domino effect which took a toll on everybody. With the drop in oil prices, oil companies were able to fine tune their production methods in North Dakota. The break even prices for drilling oil in North Dakota has plummeted. The oil companies don’t need oil prices to be very high anymore. They’ve figured out a way around it, just as everybody expected.

See Some Current Job Offerings here:

williston oil jobsSenior Manager, Regulatory Job – Hess Corporation – Minot, ND

williston oil jobsMechanical Technician, Oasis Midstream Services – Oasis Petroleum – Watford City, ND

williston oil jobsFLOORHAND – Nabors Industries – Williston, ND

williston oil jobsI&E Technician – Bakken – ConocoPhillips – Dickinson, ND

williston oil jobsWork over rig floor hand – MBI Energy Services (Williston,ND) – Williston, ND

When Can We Expect The Predicted Oil Boom?

We are literally days away from all this happening. Are you ready to go back to work? Share this with your friends, North Dakota is going to need all the oil and gas workers it can get. Even when the prices were high for a long time, there still wasn’t enough people in North Dakota to handle all the jobs. The North Dakota Job Service reports that there are currently over 15,000 open jobs in the state with more being added everyday.

It’s about to get crazy again in North Dakota. It’s time to go to work. Get yourself ready and start making plans now. In our next post we will cover a bit more about Williston North Dakota. Share this post with your friends, share it everywhere. The oilfield is back baby!


If you are looking for a Bakken Oil Field Job you NEED TO READ THIS! Oilfield companies that laid off workers in the Bakken are now hiring again, particularly for jobs related to hydraulic fracturing. The Williston office of Job Service North Dakota is seeing job orders for fracking crews and other openings related to well completion, such as work over rigs and trucking, said manager Cindy Sanford. “We are starting to see a definite increase,” Sanford said. “It’s not as crazy as it was before, but we’re starting to see some activity.” In some cases, companies are calling workers who had been let go due to low oil prices and asking them to come back to work, Sanford said.

The North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry is gearing up for a massive oil boom. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve passed the bottom and are now on the way up, and there’s no stopping it, not even Saudi Arabia this time. The North Dakota OIl and Gas Industry is about to go into an all out oil boom.

Halliburton, which had laid off workers in the Bakken and elsewhere, is hosting a job fair next week at its Williston offices. JMAC Resources of Williston also is among the companies recruiting oilfield workers, with job openings including heavy equipment operators, commercial drivers and diesel mechanics. Workers related to pipeline construction also are in demand, Sanford said. “We definitely are starting to see a need for some workers,” said Sanford, adding that most employers are seeking at least one year of experience.

The Bakken is  headed for an all out boom

We can expect things to get back to normal with the continued rise in oil prices. People are still saying oil isn’t going anywhere. Is this enough to change your mind?  Entry level oil jobs start out just under 6 figures and if you have previous experience you could be making a quarter million in a couple of years! There is no job that offers this possibility.

Monte Besler, owner of FRACN8R Consulting in Williston, said he’s recently received more inquiries from his oil company clients alerting him to work coming up. “I’m hearing more chatter,” Besler said. In some cases, companies have told Besler they’re recruiting in Williston to work on fracking crews in other states. “They were actually hiring for jobs in Texas or Oklahoma … right now,” he said.

North Dakota Oil Companies Are Hiring Now

Check Out this weeks North Dakota oil jobs openings listed below. As long as Crude oil price continues to rise, North Dakota Oil Companies are preparing for a hiring season. Share this Post with your facebook friends. Get yourself ready and share this article with your friends so they know what’s coming. Bakken is back baby!

HIRING NOW!!1000 New North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Fields Jobs Openings, Check out The Listings Below.


Inspector (Bismarck, ND) – Tyco – Fargo, ND

QHSE Coordinator – Keane Group – Williston, ND

WATER HAULERS NEEDED IN NORTH DAKOTA – Energy Recruiting Services, LLC – Williston, ND

Hot Oil Drivers Needed – Energy Recruiting Services, LLC – Williston, ND

Field Caser / Technician – Bullseye Engagement – Williston, ND

Pipeline Technician T5187 – Targa Resources – Watford City, ND


Part-time Service Agent – Minot – Enterprise Holdings – Minot, ND

Cost Controller – The Bergaila Companies – Minot, ND

Sales Representative – Rockwater Energy Solutions – Williston, ND

Measurement Tech I – WPX Energy – New Town, ND

Life Safety Installation Tech – Tyco – Fargo, ND

Staff Environmental Engineer – Johnson Service Group – North Dakota

Independent Line Sales Associate – Weir Oil & Gas – Williston, ND


Industrial Construction Project Manager – Industrial Contractors, Inc. – Bismarck, ND

FLOORHAND – Nabors Industries – Williston, ND

Human Resources Business Partner – Tesoro Companies Inc. – Dickinson, ND

Document Controller – Experis – Minot, ND


Check out More jobs listings HERE


There could be a growing shortage of skilled workers in the oil industry very soon. What you need to do right now is take some time and get yourself ready. Submit your resume, and search for available jobs now.  Get yourself ready and share this article with your friends so they know what’s coming. Bakken is back baby!
Oilfield Jobs

Oilfield Jobs

Donald Trump pledged Thursday to push aggressively for more oil drilling if he becomes president, including on federal lands in Alaska. Love him or hate him, his policy might have a drastic impact in oil production if he makes it to the White House.

Here is what Trump has to say about the oil and gas industry. You NEED to read this and share it with your oilfield family.

How can trump’s energy plan impact Oilfield Jobs generation?

Trump said that if elected, he would craft an “America First” energy plan, eliminating oil and gas imports and boosting fossil fuel production by removing Obama administration regulations that he termed “death by a thousand cuts.” Trump’s proposed boost to the oil industry could bring desperately needed Oilfield Jobs to depressed communities. “Under my presidency we’ll accomplish a complete American energy independence. Lots of jobs,” Trump said.

The Republican presidential contender’s agenda, laid out at an oil industry conference on Thursday in North Dakota, could bring desperately needed jobs to depressed communities that have come to depend on the oil drilling industry.

Oil billionaire Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, came to the stage with some optimism, noting that oil prices have risen to $50 a barrel and that he expects them to top $60 by year’s end. He expects an Oil Jobs Boom to trigger when prices get to $60.

The U.S. consumes about one-fifth of the world’s petroleum. In 2014, 73 percent of the nation’s oil demand was satisfied by U.S. production, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Trump blamed the Obama administration for regulating the oil industry to a point that profits have become scarce. He promised to take action to allow more offshore oil drilling and drilling on federal lands.

Trump also took aim at the Environmental Protection Agency and promised to repeal Obama regulations aimed at protecting waters and fighting climate change — including striking down carbon limits for power plants and revoking the Paris climate deal.

“In a Trump administration, political activists with extreme agendas will no longer write the rules, because that’s what’s happening now,” Trump said.

There are major changes taking place right now and most changes are in fact in favor of the oil industry. Sure, this is just a start point, but let’s be positive. We have been long waiting for some positive signs, and they signs are here at last.  Things are coming together, just as we predicted. It’s not here yet, but it’s coming. Oil price finally reached $50, inventories are dropping, and jobs will soon follow and start recovering. Worst times are over.

…Who knows what future may bring if Trump makes his way to the white house, he seems to be on our side, Trumps America First Energy Plan seems to be exactly what this industry needs. He’s standing behind the oil and gas industry and wants it to rise again. Share this post with your oilfield friends!

oil jobs boom

oil jobs

Great News!! World oil prices have just passed a key milestone, hitting $50 for the first time in seven months last week, and are 50.10 today at the time of this publication.  It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  There’s about to be more oil jobs available for everyone.

The big milestone happened earlier than many expected, fueled by major supply outages that wiped out production in Nigeria, Venezuela and facilities in Canada being disrupted by major wildfires.

Both U.S. and Brent crude prices climbed back above $50 a barrel early May 28 and again Tuesday 31st May,  following a report showing that U.S. crude stockpiles had fallen by more than expected. For WTI oil, it’s the first time above $50 a barrel since October and leaves it an incredible 93% above its February low of $26.05. What’s this mean? This means those of you that want to work will have a job wherever you want.

Oil’s rise took it to levels more than 80 percent above January’s 12-year lows and was fueled in part by a weaker dollar, which fell against the Japanese yen.

“Geopolitical issues in West Africa and the Middle East, supply outages, increased demand and maybe a touch of a weaker dollar have all helped push prices higher,” said Jonathan Barratt, chief investment officer at Sydney’s Ayers Alliance.

But the biggest reason why oil has returned back to $50 roughly six months ahead of schedule is supply outages. For instance, Citigroup estimates that pipeline explosions in Iraq, Nigeria and Colombia took about 1.1 million barrels of daily production offline in the first quarter. Just as those issues were resolved, militant attacks on pipelines knocked Nigerian output down by 800,000 barrels per day and Alberta wildfires hurt Canadian production by 1.1 million barrels, Citi estimates. That’s on top of political crises in Venezuela and Libya keeping output low there as well.

Stronger demand from India, China and Russia has also played a role in lifting oil prices. Overall, Citi estimates that global demand grew by about 1.4 million barrels per day in the first quarter, exceeding expectations.

Can We Expect An Oil Jobs Boom in 2016?

America is gearing up for an all out boom. You can either get ready and go to work, or you can sit on the sidelines and let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by. Entry level Oilfield Jobs start out just under 6 figures at and if you are an experienced worker, you could earn several times more.  Get yourself ready and share this article with your friends so they know what’s coming. Oil Jobs will be back baby!



Crude Oil Climbs To record Highs Fulled By Massive Wildfires in Canada and terrorist like attacks in Nigeria. The string of recent events is pushing the price of crude oil to record highs, so get ready for a massive hiring season!

Oil industry insiders are speculating that the low prices that have been seen for gasoline over the last six or seven months may finally be coming to an end. This is good news for those seeking oil field jobs in Texas or for those who already have North Dakota oilfield jobs. It is believed that the recent upturn in prices is only going to increase and that will mean that production will pick back up again.

Over the last 18 months, it appears that Saudi Arabia and others were driving the price of crude oil down in an attempt to stymy the U.S. Oil market. For years, America was dependent upon foreign crude for consumers and for strategic reserves, but the oil boom in North Dakota led to a revival of oil extraction in America, which eventually led to the increase in oil extraction in Texas as well. This led to many Texas oil field jobs as well as oil rig jobs in Texas.

Ten years ago, Americans only used four percent of oil from the United States, but that number is nearly fifty percent now. That has caused some nations, like Saudi Arabia, to flood the market with oil in an attempt to drive down the price. The theory behind this would be that with lower prices to the sale for the oil, it would not be cost effective for oil companies to continue oil production here in the United States and they would be forced to shut down or at least vastly curtail oil production. That plan appears to have failed.

The increase in gas prices over the last month has increased revenues for the oil companies, and this has led to an increase in production as well. That has a whole lot of people in North Dakota oil field jobs and Texas oil field jobs from worrying that their jobs may be in jeopardy. Better production means great job security and that appears to be the case.

The fact that summer is rapidly approaching means that oil production will be increasing as well, without a drop off in prices at the pump. AAA reports that Americans are much more likely to drive in the summer as kids are out of school. This is the time of the year that many decide to take the family vacation and that is often done by driving.

AAA reports that most people travel no more than 300 miles on their family vacation, making it much more cost effective to drive, since a family can make their destination in five hours even if they stop for lunch or dinner. This makes it so that gas consumption increases especially in July and August, also buoying the hopes that many have for a great summer and improved job opportunities in the oil industry.

In some of the leading financial magazines, they are predicting that oil jobs in Texas and North Dakota may be on the rise in the next four weeks as the need for greater production will be increase. They further add that up to forty percent of those who are hired in those positions will likely remain in those positions once the summer has ended.

Industry experts explain that Texas and North Dakota oilfield jobs have become great summer employment for college students who want to make good money while away from school while also having a unique adventure. When the summer ends those students go back to

school, but many of these workers remain to keep working there and find that there are positions that are still available for them.

Regardless of employment circumstance, it looks like it will be a good summer for those looking to work in the oilfields.

trump affects oil jobs boomDonald Trump is headed for  North Dakota soon to deliver the keynote speech at the annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. “Love him or hate him, he’s coming here, and it’s our opportunity to listen to him and try to get some North Dakota issues before him,” Ness said.  How could Predicted Oil Jobs Boom be affected by his speech if he reaches the white house is yet to be determined. He’s been making headlines across the nation, and making stops on the campaign trail but hasn’t visited North Dakota until now. Its a remarkable event that a presidential candidate, whether you like him or not,  is going to speak in Bismarck at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference later this month.

Ron Ness of the North Dakota Petroleum Council said he is excited to host the presidential front runners at the three-day day event to talk to oil industry workers and officials about issues important to them. The conference begins May 24. Trump’s appearance will be part of the annual conference, but there will also be tickets made available to the general public.

“I’m hoping now that he focuses now on more policy-driven issues rather than the combative nature of multiple candidates vying for the nomination,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council.

Trump will speak at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 26, at the Bismarck Event Center. “Our timing’s just right with him clearly going to be one of the next two people that’s likely to be president,” Ness said. “The ability to get him to North Dakota and maybe talk about North Dakota issues is a rare opportunity, so we’re thrilled for the chance and excited to make it happen.” Those in the oil industry would like to hear Trump talk about his energy policy. Ness said the industry group has not reached out to Democratic presidential candidates, but the conference would make room for them, too, if any contenders were interested.

One thing about Trump… he is no way indifferent. Many people love him, many others hate him. We are not here to discuss politics. However, the fact that he is approaching our industry could definitively affect oil job creation if he gets to the white house. What are your thoughts about this?

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Saturday 5 pm has been set as a prayer day, when the oilfield community will join prayers for those families that have lost everything, their homes, and their jobs. Join us, in a prayer day. Share this post among your friends,  and other oil families, lets show you care and Bring attention to the desperate situation of 1000s of families who lost everything they had.

The massive wildfire that has destroyed thousands of structures in Fort McMurray and threatens the heart of the oilsands continues to grow, complicating Fort McMurray re-entry.

On Tuesday, the blaze was 355,000 hectares in size. In an update on Tuesday afternoon, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley spoke about how the hot dry weather and changing winds was complicating plans for re-entry, and putting efforts to restore utilities and prepare critical infrastructure like the hospital on hold.

On Tuesday, the fire was still considered out of control. However, Environment Canada is forecasting a 60 per cent chance of showers for Fort McMurray today, with a high of 10 C. A 40 per cent and 60 per cent chance of rain is forecasted for Saturday and Sunday as well.  Join Us, Lets Pray together on Saturday, 5 pm, spread the word!


2016-05-19_1413For Those interested, Red Cross Canada is raising donations . Check out Red Cross Canada

Be informed and help to create awareness.


gas and oil jobs

Last Friday, the dollar turned up victorious against many of its counterparts, primarily due to oil related commodities. Also according to other reports, the oil production in the USA fell by at least ten rigs, continuing the trend of never ending supply crisis that has been raging on since weeks. Things were actually brighter in terms of supply last year, although it turned out an overall disaster.

Since other countries have also been hit with a similar crisis, importing oil seems like a bad idea – considering the skyrocketing prices. This only leaves manufacturers and the industry as a whole with only one choice, and that is to bump up production internally.


Many industry analysts, who have monitored the situation for quite a while now predict that the whole global oil scenario is rather restructuring itself. But is it for the better or worse? That is yet to be seen and only time will tell. Oil and Gas Workers are long waiting a positive trend in oil and gas jobs.
Some of the countries and continents that have been hit are France and West Africa. But amid all the chaos, one major player seems to stand still, unaffected – Russia. Russia’s energy minister was of the opinion that there was no actual industry collapse on a global scale. The figures do prove that he’s right. He also predicted that the market will pretty much balance itself by the end of 2017, or in the first half of the year itself, if we’re lucky.


Meanwhile back in the USA, various investors are gearing up a major production overhaul. Many are of the opinion that production will speed up in a matter of weeks, since there isn’t any pipeline damage.


All things considered this has been an exciting time for oil investors, who are locking in profits as they please. The real good news, however, is that this demand would soon give rise to an increasing number of oil rig jobs in various facets of labor, production and engineering.


The wages too, are going to be at all time high as production companies are racing to ahead to arrange manpower to meet current demands. Another recent report claimed that by the end of 2016, the US coils very well be producing in excess of one million barrels per day – which is not bad at all considering the short span of time. Analysts from say demand for workers is rising. Their site is packed with new jobs listings updated daily and hundreds of oil workers find their next job by browsing the openings inventory as we speak. Check some of the jobs here

In simple words, there wasn’t a better time to look for oil rig jobs!


Follow this space for more updates  – we plan to keep you updated on every major move the oil industry makes.



IMG_1071Yes, you.  For the first time since the Eisenhower administration, America’s exports of natural gas are due to outstrip her imports.  While her imports have fallen 40% since 2007, her exports have gone up an amazing 116%.  America will be chiefly an exporter of natural gas in less than a year’s time.  And that means she needs you, the natural gas worker, and will compensate you well for your services.


Back in 2005, no one expected a boom like this to take place.  But now, new United States export terminals are being built to handle the demand, which is not insignificant.  The first such export terminal is currently operating in Louisiana, and four more are already on the way.  And these terminals will play a huge part in America becoming a chief exporter of natural gas.  They’ll take the gas where it needs to go, to buyers overseas.


There are still a few market challenges to be overcome—such is the American way.  But out of the top nine companies in the S&P 500 this year, four of them are gas producers.  If that doesn’t say “confidence” on America’s part, nothing does.


So if you’re a natural gas worker, there is increased demand for you and your talents.  Check out gas opportunities now, while the demand is high and your salary will be too.


Let’s just say that natural gas isn’t your strong suit, however.  Maybe you’re more of an oil professional.  That’s an excellent profession to be in right now too.  If you’re an oil man (or woman) the market has welcome news for you as well.  U.S. gas prices have been climbing at the pump for two weeks in a row.  Where gas is high at the pump, it means demand is greater than supply.  Oil companies will need workers to get their supply back up, and that could mean you.

U.S. crude oil is hitting six-month highs, and the investors are noticing—WTI futures are at a six-month high as well.  Your skills are about to be back in demand.
Have a look at the actual offerings below:


Goldman Sachs has observed that after a long time of oversupply, oil is at a deficit again.  Supply interruption in Nigeria, Venezuela, and China are opening the way for the United States to fill the new demand…. and The Oilfield Jobs and Gas jobs are starting to catch up. Don’t Miss out this opportunity.


Exxon Mobil has had to stop exports from Qua Iboe, and sabotage has damaged the country’s output, bringing it down to 1.65 million barrels per day. Venezuela has lost at least 188,000 barrels per day as it struggles with major financial problems.  Lastly, China only produced 4.04 million barrels per day last month, down 5.6 percent since last year.


Combine all of that with the fact crude production in the United States has fallen to a mere 8.8 million barrels per day, and you will find that United States producers want very much to find a way to fill the gap in need.  In order to do that, they need qualified individuals like yourself, and lots of them.


So prepare to be employed, with good compensation.  Openings in your field are growing.


Have you ever dreamed of earning several hundred or even thousands of dollars a day? Some might think that this is a scam, but this is real. Men who are willing to do hard work in an offshore oil rig can easily earn thousands of dollars in monthly wages plus amazing benefits. And this amount is only true for entry level jobs. Once a worker is promoted, his salary rises another several thousands of dollars.

Things to Know about Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Working in an offshore oil rig can be the loneliest job, but the highest paying as well. After you get hired, you will be airlifted to your oil rig destination and once you arrive, you have to do your work clothes and start working. You will be living where you work, but amenities are made as comfortable as possible. There are cooks to prepare your meals, which means, you will not be spending any portion of your salary while working on the site. Instead, you will receive allowances on top of your monthly salary.IMG_1071

However, you need to perform hard work for long hours. Regular workload is 40 hours per week and if you exceed the number of hours required, you get overtime pay. If you are new to the company, most probably, you are hired for jobs at entry level. You can be a floorhand, a welder, or a steward, depending on your skills and qualifications.

Entry Level Jobs in an Oil Rig

Job entry level in the oil rig industry may be the lowest rank but it is your first step toward higher position and higher salary. The most important thing is to have a start and everything will follow. Here are the job entry levels that might need very little experience.


For this position, prior knowledge in welding can be a great advantage. In addition, he should be familiar with how an oilrig is operated. An oil rig welder can earn several times higher than someone who works in land-based facilities.



This person is an all around worker, doing all tasks as, doing minor repairs, and overall maintenance. This might appear as a lowly job for some, but this can be the first step toward higher position and higher earnings. For entry level jobs, it is important for applicants to pass the drug test and to get a safety certificate.

Oil Rig Workers’ Salary

In an oil rig, even workers occupying the lowest position can earn big salaries and enjoy the benefits.

With free board and lodging, oil rig workers always end up with big earnings. As the need for oil rig workers increases, one can foresee a bigger income for oil rig workers.