Have you ever dreamed of earning several hundred or even thousands of dollars a day? Some might think that this is a scam, but this is real. Men who are willing to do hard work in an offshore oil rig can easily earn thousands of dollars in monthly wages plus amazing benefits. And this amount is only true for entry level jobs. Once a worker is promoted, his salary rises another several thousands of dollars.

Things to Know about Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Working in an offshore oil rig can be the loneliest job, but the highest paying as well. After you get hired, you will be airlifted to your oil rig destination and once you arrive, you have to do your work clothes and start working. You will be living where you work, but amenities are made as comfortable as possible. There are cooks to prepare your meals, which means, you will not be spending any portion of your salary while working on the site. Instead, you will receive allowances on top of your monthly salary.IMG_1071

However, you need to perform hard work for long hours. Regular workload is 40 hours per week and if you exceed the number of hours required, you get overtime pay. If you are new to the company, most probably, you are hired for jobs at entry level. You can be a floorhand, a welder, or a steward, depending on your skills and qualifications.

Entry Level Jobs in an Oil Rig

Job entry level in the oil rig industry may be the lowest rank but it is your first step toward higher position and higher salary. The most important thing is to have a start and everything will follow. Here are the job entry levels that might need very little experience.


For this position, prior knowledge in welding can be a great advantage. In addition, he should be familiar with how an oilrig is operated. An oil rig welder can earn several times higher than someone who works in land-based facilities.



This person is an all around worker, doing all tasks as, doing minor repairs, and overall maintenance. This might appear as a lowly job for some, but this can be the first step toward higher position and higher earnings. For entry level jobs, it is important for applicants to pass the drug test and to get a safety certificate.

Oil Rig Workers’ Salary

In an oil rig, even workers occupying the lowest position can earn big salaries and enjoy the benefits.

With free board and lodging, oil rig workers always end up with big earnings. As the need for oil rig workers increases, one can foresee a bigger income for oil rig workers.


oil and gas jobs

Year 2015 was a grim year for the oil industry, jobs were cut, and industries in general stopped drilling for oil. This only meant that the oil production in the USA had actually gone down. So there is a sudden increase in demand for oil in the country.

Good News! This can actually lead to an increase in oil and gas jobs – primarily because the USA can’t really import cheaper Iranian oil due to legal issues, and because other imports are expensive. Oil companies are trying to capitalize on the increased prices, and hence are on the outlook for mass recruitment. Considering that clean energy projects aren’t that far off either – the energy industry is actually expanding at a steady rate, opening new, and more secure careers for many individuals.

If we were to take a look at this year’s figures, the oil contracts are actually offering workers way more money than national norms. In the past few years, oilfield laborers in almost seven different parts of the country saw their normal pay ascend by 48 percent to $1,120, from the normal national paycheck which was $857 a week. The total employment has increased too.

North Dakota, the country’s second greatest oil maker, has seen its oil yield tumble over the previous year or thereabouts, but most industry experts predict that the bad times may already be over. The same prediction stands for the rest of the USA.untitledd

The good news is that established oil wells are looking at producing 1 million barrels a day, by the end of this year. That’s not bad at all, considering that the industry pretty much looked like it would collapse last year.

Look for the actual jobs listings here:

How the whole recovery process unfolds is still yet to be seen. But one thing is absolutely clear – there wasn’t a better time to find some oil and gas jobs in the industry.

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oilfield jobs board
OIL JOBS BOARD  gathers together the latest oil field and oil rig job opportunities and lists them in one place, so job seekers can find all the information they’re looking for. It allows users to sign up and search for free, with a number of high salary jobs available, Starting from 80,000, and also displays the latest news and information within the industry.

More information is available on the Oil Jobs Board site at: http://oiljobsboard.com:

The Oil Jobs Board site can be used by job seekers, employers, and recruiters. All people have to do when they sign up is to select which category they fall under, and provide the necessary information. Employers can submit their jobs with just a few clicks, while recruiters can browse through all the available jobs and their candidates using the search tool available on the site.

Anyone looking for jobs in the oil and gas industry can upload their resume as well as edit and amend it using the simple Oil Jobs Board system. Once this is done, they can be searched for themselves and discovered by employers and recruiters who are looking for candidates with their skill set and expertise. There is a powerful search engine that job seekers can use to find jobs, filtering results by category, location, job type and salary, and after registering they will receive job alerts directly to their inbox.

Once someone has signed up to the Oil Jobs Board service, they will have their own personal dashboard where their highlighted jobs will appear, giving them twenty four hour access to career resources, jobs news, and tips for applying. Because their resume will already be uploaded, the Oil Jobs Board website describes how easy it is for people to apply for jobs online.

Oil industry news is reported on regularly, with recent topics including the effect of the Canadian wildfire on the business and insights into the crude oil extraction business. The site underscores the importance of prospective job candidates staying up to date with the latest news when applying for jobs in the oil and gas industry.

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I can’t stand watching this video. It is exasperating to see how this family tries to escape the fire, while everything collapses around them! Perhaps you have seen it before, but really I can not stop thinking that is one of the many families of the oil industry who has lost everything in a few hours … Devastating Canada Wildfire shocked the Oil Market and led Alberta into a state of caos, including  the evacuation of over 80,000 people in the oil sands gateway city of Fort McMurray, and the destruction of over 1,600 structures. Losses are approaching $1Million according to insurance companies. How Does this affect the Oil jobs openings?

Damage from the Canada fire is overwhelming, and oilfield and pipeline families main concern is how this devastating damage will affect the oil production in the medium term. Oil producers in the Alberta region first impulse was to deny that this fire will have adverse consequences over the oil production. H owever there are contradictory analysis. “As more information comes in, it appears that the impact on production of the wildfires in Alberta will be significant,” said analysts at JBC Energy in Austria.

As some analysts commented, Infrastructure is being affected too, with the 560,000 b/d Corridor pipeline shut down and movement along the 140,000 b/d Polaris pipeline significantly curtailed.  “On top of that, trains are not operating near Fort McMurray, according to the Canadian National Railway,” said the analysts.

According to Morgan Stanley, there is an expected 10 days shut-in, which could likely reduce the expected output up to 5 million barrels. Precaution has forced to reduce operations and aim mainly in providing safety and resources to the families of those workers that had been affected by this tragedy, together with those Fort McMurray residents who were forced to leave their homes and evacuate the region until this natures outbreak is resolved.

Watch this video from BBC filmed by some of the residents